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What Is Sublimation

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

That’s the question many want to know, well to make it short and sweet. Sublimation is a type of heat transfer that is often applied to t-shirts and garments, but which can also be applied to many other substrates.

Sublimation is one of the best ways to create t shirt designs with multiple colors. It is quite different from using a product like heat transfer vinyl, because you are able to print more detailed, and colorful images. The term ‘sublimation’ refers to the chemical process that occurs when something turns from a solid state into a gas, without first becoming a


Sublimation inks can only bond to synthetic fibers and coatings. For clothing, this means polyester, while other blanks for sublimation are polymer coated products.

What can't be sublimated?

Dark colored substrates are also no good for sublimation inks. Cotton t shirts cannot be used for sublimation, and fabrics really need to be at least 80% polyester (some nylons are also suitable) for a vibrant transfer.

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