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Posting on our social media

We love for you to post on our social media   and to tag us on your post in your  social media.  Please don’t hesitate to post your work on our facebook group.  We only delete if you directly asking for a sale or advertising directly to our members, but trust me people will contact you if they like your work. We will recommend you if we feel you can be of service to our group members. We aren't petty like that, so please feel free to post so we can see what you do.

How to contact us:  

Please use our CUSTOMER SERVICE PAGE ONLY for your message.


DON'T EMAIL, DON'T USE FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA asking for customer service:  like problem orders, damage items, missing items or any issue.   We do contact every customer back but I can’t follow up on all avenues of communication that's why I beg you to only contact me on my customer service page.  


If you need to feel secure and comfortable, do not hesitate to contact me at 773-322-1778.  Please leave a voicemail if no one answers.   Alternatively, this phone number can also be used for texting, so you can just text if you prefer.  EMAILS DON'T GET ANSWERED so please only send messages through the customer service page.


Phone calls and text messages from us

We ask for your phone number for your convenience and ours.  Sometimes inventory is wrong and we have over sold an item.  We might have a substitute so instead of refunding your money we call or text to see if you are interested in a substitute. If so we substitute it, if not we send you a refund or a credit coupon you can use later but we like to give you the choice.  If we don’t hear from you in a timely matter we just refund you.  We do  want to notify customers through text messages if that is disturbing. We would be sad :( but you can block us or opt out of email notifications and text messages if you are not interested.



We complete orders daily Monday through Friday so we do our best to have them done in a timely manner.  If you want to order between normal business hours feel free to call if you want to pick up immediately after ordering.  We will let you know if that is possible.  Our pickup times are 10am to 4pm, sometimes we can offer later pickups but if you haven’t talked to someone about coming later than 4pm.  Please don’t come later than 4pm. If our hours are inconvenient we ship Mon-Fri we can ship your orders out and you might get them sooner and its not that expensive.



If we work on weekends to complete something, we will post on our facebook group so you can pick up your order that day. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP TO STAY UPDATED.



We ship daily and on rare occasions, we make mistakes or items get damaged from shipping or through our manufacturers, but we honor our orders and you can contact us to get it resolved.  It is usually one or two people answering calls and messages for all our customers, so give us a chance to fix the problem.  



We ship Monday through Friday, and everything we have is either at our warehouse or at our local office, so we can usually ship your order the same day if you order Monday through Friday.  If you order after after 12pm it will likely get shipped the next day.  If you order late friday or the weekend it goes out on Monday.  You will be notified by email once we ship out your order if you see its been canceled and we haven't notified you its because we had a problem with the original label and had to reissue it, if  you didn't get the new tracking number please call us at 773-322-1778 and we will get you the up to date tracking number. 

We ship small orders through USPS and larger orders through UPS.  We prefer if you give us a  physical address because shipping through USPS is so much more expensive, we will reject an order if the shipping is too expensive. If its less than $150 we don’t charge full shipping cost so 

we take on a lot of the cost. If your order is over $150 we pay the shipping so please be considerate and give us a physical address so we can make a budget friendly decision.


Undelivered items: 

We put tracking numbers on all our packages if the post office or UPS shows that they delivered we have to honor that if you don’t feel your neighborhood is safe please contact the post office or UPS to hold your items at a location so you can pickup locally.  We can’t replace an order that was shipped and shows delivered we will fight your credit card company with proof that we ship this order its not our responsibility to ensure no porch pirates don’t steal from your location its yours. 


Our customer service team will be happy to comply if you request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days, please call so that a refund can be approved, we can't guarantee you a refund but we might be able to offer you a store credit.  Only Afterpay is hard to refund for some reason. They don't just refund the money and you guys are mad at us.  Instead of a refund, we can offer a store credit. Just let us know or we will help you fight with Afterpay to get the refund.


Abandon Carts

Our inventory fluctuates. I can’t recover items that have been sold out and no longer in your cart.  My advice is when you have the item in your cart especially if its a popular item that you really want just go ahead and buy it.


Instructions, templates, measurements on our products

Most of our products will have the suggested temp and time instructions in the description, but keep in mind our heat press is different from yours so your time and temp might be different. We don't want to be held responsible if you mess up the product, so our suggestions are just that: suggestions.   We are trying to do our best with measuring and get more accurate information about the product but if we don’t we are working hard to get it done and then we will add it to the description. I sell templates on the template page if I have created one for an item. 

We encourage everyone to purchase a measuring tape so they can create their own templates and measure their items. We haven't made a template for every item.


Bulk Ordering and Wholesale Options


We don’t have wholesale options.  We do lower our prices on specific items such as blankets. Buttons, license plates, and tumblers to name a few. When people buy in bulk but we don’t do wholesale we hope in the future as our company grow we can offer such service for our customers.  Considerate being an ambassador to get credit for every person you recommend to us.

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